The Guardian Mentorship Program within All Eagles Oscar is a project aimed at not just healing the Veterans, but revitalizing their spirit and renewing their commitment and love of country. AEO’s vision is to connect the Warriors with the Sponsors in unique ways so that both can heal and enrich one another’s lives. We believe that Battle Scared Eagles carry something very powerful inside, and given the proper mental, physical, and spiritual healing they can continue to serve their country and communities in new and important ways. The sponsors of these warriors are generous patriotic Americans who through hard work have achieved a high level of success. Bringing the warriors and sponsors together will provide the opportunity for each to better understand the sacrifices that each has made, and will provide a greater insight into the future that we can forge as a community of Patriots. We hope that these relationships will further raise awareness for the “invisible scars” of combat service to the country and that we can leverage these relationships to raise awareness, funding, and strategies to combat these treatable conditions. Combined with our other programs, this will complete the cycle for our wounded, ill, and injured in regards to recovery, rehabilitation, and transition.


All Eagles Oscar relies on the generous donations of people like you to ensure that we can make a difference in the lives of our combat veterans. There is no more worthy cause than to assist our nations hero’s in recovering from the physical and the invisible injuries received defending our great nation and protecting the freedom we all so deeply cherish.

All Eagles Oscar Foundation

Restoring Our Nations Warriors & Their Families

501c3 Non-Profit Organization