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Who we are

All Eagles Oscar is a special operations veteran-run organization dedicated to healing warriors that suffer from mental and physical conditions, as a result of war. Our special operations experience and years of advocating for wounded warriors has allowed us to be on the forefront of cutting-edge therapies and best practices.


We believe, if you heal the mind, the body will follow. Our passion to heal and strengthen our country's most valuable asset is realized when we can return our brothers in arms and their families to a mental and physical “pain-free” state.  We are committed to reigniting their energy, drive, and warrior spirit that they so valiantly displayed in defense of our nation. Success in this NO FAIL MISSION will allow our veterans to be successful, high-achieving citizens in their civilian lives providing a valuable, powerful member who will continue to contribute to success in their families, their communities, and our nation.


While our wounded Active Duty Service Members have the support of their teammates and military doctors to help with their recovery, our veteran’s loose some of this support due to the restrictions in place after they remove their uniform. We will provide Advocacy for life, for all of our veterans we put through any of our programs. We want to help fill the gap our wounded warriors feel once they are no longer on the battlefield.


We are helping to heal the minds and bodies of veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post-concussive syndrome, chronic pain issues, and the myriad of symptoms that accompany these diagnoses.

We strongly endorse a non-pharmaceutical approach in the treatment of mental conditions and support a more holistic noninvasive approach to treatment, which includes: Neuromodulation, integrated rehabilitation and performance, transcendental meditation, and counseling based on the needs of the warrior. We provide treatment options that not only address the mental and physical needs of those we serve but equally as important we address the individual goals and requirements of each veteran we work with. We will continue to seek out new cutting-edge therapies to further advance the treatment of our deserving veterans and will continue to diversify treatment options as we grow.





Make an Impact

All Eagles Oscar relies on the generous donations of people like you to ensure that we can make a difference in the lives of our combat veterans. There is no more worthy cause than to assist our nations hero’s in recovering from the physical and the invisible injuries received defending our great nation and protecting the freedom we all so deeply cherish.

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