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At All Eagles Oscar, we seek out cutting-edge treatments and establish relationships with clinics that are capable of providing the most current and innovative therapies to treat a large spectrum of physical and mental disorders that plague many of our combat veterans. 


  • Neuro-modulation:  MeRT is a pioneering technology that uses Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy aimed at restoring optimal brain function.  Advanced imagery is able to identify areas of the brain that are not functioning properly, and treats problematic areas with the goal of restoring optimal neurologic function using safe, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical neuro-modulation.


  •  Integrated rehabilitation and performance:  With the help of world-class performance centers, we aim to narrow the gap between pain, injury recovery and optimal performance.  Recognizing that restoration of daily function is a critical part of recovery for a wounded veteran, we also realize that returning our veterans back to an optimal state of physical health has a significant benefit to not only physical health, and pain relief, but also emotional and psychologic well-being.


  • New Programs:  We will continue to seek out the latest cutting-edge, effective treatments, and therapies that will help restore the lives of combat veterans and their families. We are dedicated to aggressively seeking out avenues to ensure the cost of treatment will not inhibit the ability of one of our nation's warriors to receive the care, treatments, and recovery that they have earned defending our freedom.



Make an Impact

All Eagles Oscar relies on the generous donations of people like you to ensure that we can make a difference in the lives of our combat veterans. There is no more worthy cause than to assist our nations hero’s in recovering from the physical and the invisible injuries received defending our great nation and protecting the freedom we all so deeply cherish.

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