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Retired SEAL

You know I have been suffering for years now since my combat-related injuries.
First, I want to say thank you for your diligent efforts to make sure I was funded to get me out here.  This has changed everything for me in a multitude of ways
.  With all the surgeries and rehab, along with the struggles with pain med addiction and drinking heavily, it didn't have a good outcome.  I was able to overcome the pain meds on my own somehow, but still battled sleep disorders and major depression, using so many different psych meds and still drinking to numb my mind.
In the past
4years I've been seeing a psych therapist, but it has been of no use again trying more meds and still drinking etc...  I was trying anything I could to get better, even going to an in-patient hospital for extended treatment.  This was too much for me to handle so I choose not to go through all the treatment last year. i went with no meds and left there with a bag of meds so big i had to get another piece of luggage for it all.  I felt so lost and desperate with nothing else to go on, no hope but suffering in silence.
So, since arrival-
The first 2 weeks were very emotional- heavy swings, very sad, angry, excitable, anxious. Different each day, I had to keep in check. I was on what I thought was a sleep med but was an anti-depressant that helped with sleep. I stopped that on week one, which took 4 weeks of 2-3 hours of sleep a night to get out of my system.  Once it was out of my system- I started getting 6-7 hours of sleep a night and still do!
I'm on no meds for sleep,
first time in over 10 years. So it took me a bit longer to get there but now I'm unstoppable, I'm focused, can read clearer, my writing flows from my mind to pen without thinking about it, I have freaken drive Dude-I was ready to quit this year trust me...  My depression is gone...  not even a thought about negative stuff, memory is getting better, look my personality isn't going to change so I can still be blunt but oops.  Without this treatment
, my marriage would be over soon. 
You'll never know what your efforts have done for me, I am so grateful for having this opportunity and never thought it would ever turn out this way - ever... Please continue your efforts to get men out here to receive this treatment, you are saving lives.
Thank You,

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